An Innovative Software Management for Natural Gas Utilities

Are you wondering how to take all the work your technicians are doing in the field to maintain your utility infrastructure and transfer it into a digital format that is easy to use? We have the solution.

Meet Holland Safety Compliance Cloud, a next-level operations management platform designed specifically for natural gas utilities.

Maintain pipeline integrity, identify and resolve leaks, manage routes, and automate work orders.

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Eliminate over-pressurization. Document and verify all regulator stations are functioning properly by scheduling and following detailed inspection procedures.

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Simplify one of your utility’s most time-consuming, yet important tasks.

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Ensure your critical infrastructure is functioning properly.

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Easily schedule inspections to ensure tanks have sufficient odorant levels and see a dashboard with statuses of all odorant tanks across your territory.

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Document your voltage is correct, anodes are serviceable, and rectifiers function properly. Easily find and produce documents for annual audits.

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HSC Cloud takes your system’s safety seriously.

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All your gas utility data, all in one place

Gas utilities are facing increased calls from regulators and public utility commissions to better focus on compliance. While change can be different, it doesn’t need to be difficult. HSC Cloud is a cloud-based software designed specifically with gas utilities in mind. It takes your traditional paper-based system and turns your documents into digital files. This allows you to have access to your company’s reports and important documents all in one place. It also makes it easier to transfer your data directly to the same forms your public utility commission requires. ​​​​​

Save time and mitigate risks

At its core, HSC Cloud streamlines utility management, all while offering cost savings and simplified workflows. Work routes can be easily assigned to field technicians with parameters set by the business, which ensures important objectives are being met. When technicians log data into the software, it’s quality controlled so supervisors can have confidence in the reports and documents coming in from the field.


Reduce Paper Clutter

Upgrade your cluttered paper processes to a system fit for the digital age. Store historical leak survey information, inspection reports, and other important documents all in one spot. Because HSC Cloud is based in the cloud, documents can be accessed from anywhere, at any time.


Map and Organize Assets

HSC Cloud has a customizable map that allows you to visualize key assets, map out gas leaks, and conduct meter surveys. The map not only provides a clear view of assets, but it also shows what work needs to be done, such as inspections, and schedule regular maintenance or other work orders.


Streamline Workflows

Make work easy and seamless for your field technicians. Assign routes with real-time visibility that keep your teams accountable for work that needs to be completed. Once a task is completed, the next will slide into a technician’s work queue, so they don’t need to worry about what’s next.


Compliance Reporting Made Easy

Save valuable time and effort during busy workdays with HSC Cloud’s pre-packaged compliance report automation. Technicians can automatically generate compliance and operational reports from data they collect on their inspection routes and email it to management within the utility.

Ready to upgrade your utility?

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