Smart Meters Bring Exceptional Accuracy to Your Natural Gas System

Meters play a very important role in the natural gas industry. This is especially true when you have customers expecting you to get their measurements right. Does your business worry about accuracy and safety? Make a wise investment in safety for your natural gas system with ultrasonic meters.

We offer a line of ultrasonic meters from Sensus, including Sonix 600 & 880 models, Sonix 2000 & 3000 models, and the Sonix IQ. This line of Sensus meters features options for any application, including residential, commercial, and industrial. Their compact designs make them easy to install wherever you need them. They also have no moving parts, which takes away the need for costly repairs. Let’s take a closer look at the different ultrasonic meters we have available.

Downloadable literature:

Sensus brand ultrasonic natural gas meter with digital display, model and serial number information, and customer logo placeholder.

Residential Smart Meters

The Sonix IQ is a single-path ultrasonic natural gas meter that houses a variety of features in a compact footprint. Available in two capacity sizes, 250 CFH and 425 CFH, this meter has the rangeability for most residential applications. The Sonix IQ shows its smarts with built-in meter health checks, hardware alarms, battery management alerts, tamper alarms, 90-day hourly data log history, and true edge intelligence. An optional disconnect valve and pressure monitor work in tandem with one another to provide an extra layer of protection in the event of over-pressurization for end users without the need of an AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) network. Temperature and fixed factor pressure compensation are available at no additional cost, and an industry leading 20-year warranty guarantees long-term value.

White Sensus ultrasonic natural gas meter with digital readout showing usage in cubic feet, pressure indication, and temperature compensation feature.

Commercial & Industrial Smart Meters

The Sonix line of natural gas meters from Sensus offers a host of benefits for commercial and industrial applications in capacities ranging from 425 CFH to 3000 CFH. Due to their ultrasonic nature, these meters feature no moving parts that are susceptible to wear and tear, removing the need for periodic maintenance and costly repairs to maintain accuracy. Like their cousin, the Sonix IQ, these meters include data logging, live temperature compensation, and fixed factor pressure compensation at no additional cost. Self-diagnostic meter health checks ensure that the meter's flow and measurement conditions are sound for the entirety of the 15-year warranty. In fact, these meters are more accurate at low flows than diaphragm meters, opening the door for potential revenue gains. Another potential source of revenue is a reduction in theft and tampering. Theft of services typically runs from 1%-4% of revenue and this can be mitigated because of Sonix’s ability to detect and deter common methods of theft with its built-in alarm functionality. Reverse flow, air in the meter, power supply removal, and level sensor alarms enable a utility to identify meter sets that have been modified since the last utility visit.