Odorizers are one of the best investments you can make to ensure the safety of your natural gas system. Make sure to get the best use out of your system by implementing additional odorization accessories or products.

Welker offers a wide range of odorization products and accessories to complement their odorizer systems, and we’re excited to be able to offer these products to our customers. Many of these products are essential to have on hand in case an accidental odorant spill occurs. Others allow technicians to safely use and maintain an odorizer system. If you need assistance figuring out what works best for your application, our team is here to help.


The Welker AEF Atmospheric Exhaust Filter is an economical solution for passive removal of mercaptan odor from exhaust and vent gases. Available in three capacities, there is an AEF suitable for your application. Exhaust gas during normal operations of pump systems is unavoidable; venting odoriferous gas is not. The internal filter media absorb offensive odors, preventing the release of odorized gas into the atmosphere.

MerCapture™ Kit

The MerCapture™ Kit effectively neutralizes and traps the smell of odorant for transport and shipping. The lid gasket provides an air-tight seal, preventing odorant’s signature rotten egg smell from escaping the case. When properly prepared and packaged, the smell of contaminated equipment is undetectable, even when the automatic air release valve relieves.

Each MerCapture™ Kit contains OdorXice™ Plus, Welker’s non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-corrosive odor neutralizer to eliminate odors caused by mercaptan, sulfide, and thiophene. Safely apply OdorXice™ Plus to parts, tools, vehicles, and clothing, and in minutes you’ll smell the difference.


  • Hard sided polypropylene case with automatic air release valve
  • Stay open lid with odor-tight, watertight seal
  • Off road style wheels
  • Soft grip handles
  • Retractable handle
  • Padlock holes

OdorXice™ Plus

OdorXice™ Plus is based on patented technology designed to break down mercaptans and other organosulfur compounds, including hydrogen sulfide. This safe and biodegradable formula will completely eliminate the source of odors on any surface.

Immediately upon application, OdorXice™ Plus completely neutralizes mercaptans to which it is applied. Use OdorXice™ Plus for decommissioning vessels and meters, soil remediation, and line clean-out. The product is not only safe, but also perfect for use on tools, fittings, gloves, boots, and clothing.

OdorXice™ Plus can be used on surface temperatures ranging from -10 °F to 150 °F (-23 °C to 66 °C), so long as it remains a safe working area. If product is frozen, simply thaw at room temperature and put back into service.

Sizes available: 8 oz, 1 US quart, and 1 US gallon.

Diffusing Probe

Designed for use with injection odorizers, Welker’s diffusing probe allows for rapid odorant dispersal across the full diameter of the pipeline, ensuring uniform odorization, even during times of variable flow.

Inside the porous probe is a braided nylon wick, which absorbs the liquid odorant. As natural gas flows through the perforations in the probe, the liquid odorant is vaporized more easily and distributed more evenly in the gas stream compared to a traditional drip probe.

Welker’s diffusing probe is available in the insertion style that meets your pipeline needs. Styles available include fixed, adjustable, and automatic.

IntelliScent™ Odorant Monitor

Why wait for a monthly sniff test? Ensure your distribution system is properly odorized at all times: install Welker’s IntelliScent™ Odorant Monitor to frequently and objectively measure odorant levels.

Unlike human sniffers, the IntelliScent™ isn’t restricted by schedules or olfactory fatigue. Microcontrollers regularly sample the natural gas stream, allowing for frequent monitoring of injection odorizers and incoming odorant levels. Electrochemical sensors objectively measure odorant levels in calibrated units of lb/MMscf or mg/m3. Repeat measurement cycles at 1-, 2-, 4-, 6-, 8-, 12-, or 24-hour intervals. Program the IntelliScent™ for automatic system calibration at daily, weekly, or monthly intervals. System calibration runs a complete measurement cycle using a cylinder of calibration gas and compares the results to the preset values; any deviation is corrected to ensure the accuracy of subsequent measurement cycles.


Tired of getting burned by your odorant flare? Welker now offers a high-quality alternative! Rooted in Welker’s commitment to creative, quality solutions, we engineered the SafeBurn™ to exceed your expectations. Safe, portable, and easy to use, the SafeBurn™ Odorant Flare is designed to burn off odorant vapors and blanket gases from tanks up to 1000 gallons prior to maintenance or decommissioning.

With a perforated aluminum shroud surrounding the flare body, the SafeBurn™ guards operators against burns during and after flaring.

Spill Kit

This kit is the solution for an emergency response to liquid odorant spills. A key part of any company’s safety program is an emergency spill response plan. We hope you never have to use a Spill Kit, but if you do, you’ll find the personal protective equipment (PPE), OdorXice™ Plus, tools, and clean up equipment needed to appropriately address spills of various sizes.