Finding the Perfect Solution

Those in the natural gas industry have a diverse range of needs and not every situation is the same. Whether you’re a large utility with over a million customers or an independent contractor, we have the gas equipment you need. Our team has the expertise to assist with a wide scope of applications and can provide guidance on the products that would work best for your individual situation.


Making natural gas infrastructure safe and reliable is the top priority for utilities. We’ve been helping our customers achieve this for over 50 years whether they have over a million customers or less than 100.

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Achieving project deadlines with the correct deliverables is key to the success of large and complex projects. We do exactly that, and we also guide customers towards the best products for project needs.

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Commercial & Industrial

Gas equipment is complicated and can have long lead times. Our staff of trained experts guides you to the best solution and our extensive inventory allows for the shortest lead times in the industry. 

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Universities need to manage energy expenses while also ensuring the safety of students, staff and faculty. Our industry-leading smart meter technology gives you the information and tools needed to achieve these goals.

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