Your Meter Is Your Cash Register

We provide meter calibration and proving services to keep your metrology systems accurate. Without this, you may be giving product away and losing money or overbilling your customer, which turns into a large liability. 

You can send your meter to us for our meter proving services or calibration and we can provide access to your records at any time. Need the documentation for a compliance audit? Not a problem, just let us know and we can provide you with it. Want to quickly review the findings from your last certification? Easy, we can help with that too.

We Don’t Want Your Equipment

Yeah, you read that right. When you send your equipment away, you don’t want to wait months to get it back. Whether a Sensus meter or Dresser Roots meter, we can prove, calibrate, and certify most low-pressure models in-house, bypassing the long lead time often experienced from sending it to the factory. We can also sometimes prove high pressure models with the help of a local partner, preventing you from sending your equipment on multiple shipments and ending up in line behind dozens of other meters. 

Occasionally, while diagnosing the equipment, we identify a need for minor repairs in order to get your equipment back to tolerance. As a stocking distributor, we have the parts on hand to handle most repairs in-house, which again bypasses the need to send your equipment to the factory and instead puts your meter on the fast track back to you.

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Reduce Your Legal Exposure & Compliance Risk

Whether your meter is reading slow or fast, it exposes you to risk. Bill too little, and you’re giving your product away practically for free. Bill too much, and you can expect complaints, legal issues, or compliance problems. The easiest way to avoid these risks is to adopt a routine certification and maintenance program that guarantees your equipment works properly, giving you peace of mind that you’re billing your customer for exactly what they’re using.

Need help designing and implementing a program? Not a problem. We work with hundreds of natural gas utilities and manufacturers across the country, so our team of experts can help guide you through best practices and industry norms to reduce your risk exposure and minimize your down time. 


Our Proof is in the Pudding

A major manufacturer in the central Ohio area relies on us to be their vendor of choice for minor repairs and recertification of their fleet of Sensus TPL-9 turbine meters and Dresser Roots rotary meters. Through a discussion with this customer, we established a recurring maintenance schedule and determined a standard price for every TPL-9 and Roots meter sent to us for repair and recertification. Because we have both the equipment and the expertise needed to complete the repairs and recertifications of all their metrology equipment in our facility, the customer has confidence that their equipment will operate as designed, their downtime is minimized, and their operating expenses are predictable.