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Seamlessly Complete Inspection Objectives

District regulator stations are a vital part of your natural gas system. You know how important it is to regularly inspect them to ensure your equipment is working properly. With HSC Cloud, the process can be easier than ever thanks to its digital forms and procedures.


The detailed work that is often associated with regulator station inspections is simplified with the platform's sequential work function.

Think of it like a checklist: technicians have to mark one task as complete before moving on to the next. This helps prevent any out-of-turn work and guides technicians to complete work in the order that it needs to be done. Plus, there’s no need for them to worry about what comes next. With generational turnover of employees, this knowledge transfer is more important than ever. 


Have assets in hard-to-reach areas? No problem!

With HSC Cloud’s schematics feature, you can label assets on a clickable map. This provides easy access with photos and important information on your gas equipment. If something were to change, say a new paint job or a label becomes unreadable, technicians will still know which piece of equipment corresponds with a work order.


Reduce Paper Clutter

Upgrade your cluttered paper processes to a system fit for the digital age. Store historical leak survey information, inspection reports, and other important documents all in one spot. Because HSC Cloud is based in the cloud, documents can be accessed from anywhere, at any time.


Organize & Map Assets

HSC Cloud has a customizable map that allows you to visualize key assets, map out gas leaks, and conduct meter surveys. The map not only provides a clear view of assets, but it also shows what work needs to be done, such as inspections, and schedule regular maintenance or other work orders.


Streamline Workflows

Make work easy and seamless for your field technicians. Assign routes with real-time visibility the help keep your teams accountable for work that needs to be completed. Once a task is completed, the next will slide into a technician’s work queue, so they don’t need to worry about what’s next.


Compliance Reporting Made Easy

Save valuable time and effort during busy workdays with HSC Cloud’s pre-packaged compliance report automation. Technicians can automatically generate compliance and operational reports from data they collect on their inspection routes and email it to management within the utility.

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