Good Help is Hard to Find

We’re the first to recognize that gas products require a deep technical understanding. When you’re having trouble and call us, we want to know everything about what you’re doing – not because we’re nosy, but because it matters. We start by getting an understanding of the application you’re working with. We also want to know specifics like your system’s capacity, MAOP, the elevation, and the correction factor you want to use when measuring your gas. We gather this type of technical information as well as what you want to achieve, then we apply our natural gas system education and industry best practices to offer you the best solution.

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Our Staff Receives First-Class Training

It takes a long time to become an expert. Fortunately, time is on our side, as we’ve been advising customers on the same products for over 50 years. As we bring new technical advisors onto our team, we ensure they receive the best education available in the industry. Every Technical Sales Representative is placed into 80 hours of onboarding where they receive a mix of formal classroom training, testing, hands-on learning, and one-on-one instruction on industry norms and best practices. 

After onboarding, each new employee works alongside an accountability partner in the organization for a minimum of six months in order to ensure accuracy in their product selection. And since this isn’t enough, any person in our organization who is in a capacity to advise customers is mandated to accrue a minimum of 30 hours of additional training by attending industry conferences and virtual seminars, testing with practical exercises, earning certifications, or teaching other staff members.

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You’ve Got Gas, We’ve Got Answers

As an advisor to the natural gas industry since 1968, we’ve learned a thing or two about what can go wrong in the field and what common issues are in the industry. If it’s happened, we’ve either seen it, heard about it, or served as an expert advisor to help remedy it. 

Our bread-and-butter is assistance with sizing products for your specific application and ensuring you have the correct valve material. In fact, this is so normal for us that even the manufacturers whose products we offer will occasionally call us with questions about their own products.

  • Need help understanding how to install a regulator or what other products you’ll need to complete the install? We’ll keep you honest and make sure you have the right mounting hardware, understand which direction the vent should face, how far it should be installed from the equipment it’s hooked up to, monitor-control set guidance, how and where to install control lines, and plenty more.
  • Is your regulator making a noise or not working? Don’t worry, we hear this a lot and can help you figure out what’s going on. 
  • Is your meter or instrument not reading correctly? Or maybe you need guidance on how to mount your instrument? Call us for quick advice. And better yet, have confidence a human will pick up the phone instead of navigating through a complicated phone menu. 

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Expertise at Work

After their city council’s approval, a water utility was given the mandate to begin offering natural gas. Having no background in what they needed to start operating their gas system, they reached out to us for assistance. We guided them through product selection for every product from the tap to the point of consumption, including pressure regulators, meters, and instrumentation. In addition to this, they also wanted a faster way to collect the meter reads, so we steered them through their options for remote reading capabilities. This customer relies heavily on our expertise to ensure they are building a safe and reliable natural gas system for their customers, and they have the confidence knowing the products they receive will work and arrive when they need them.