Streamline Your University’s Large Natural Gas System 

Making natural gas infrastructure safe and reliable is very complicated and very expensive. Most times, a deep technical understanding of gas products is needed in order to select the best solution to properly correct, protect, or enhance the existing and growing infrastructure. And no one wants to wait weeks or months to receive equipment they need immediately. 

The Best Solution

We offer a simple buying process that allows for easy product selection, speedy delivery, and cost-saving features that meet infrastructure safety and reliability needs. 

Why You Should Choose Holland

  • Our staff attends a minimum of 80 hours of core product training upon hire and receives 30 hours of product training every year. 
  • Our staff of experts seeks to fully understand your technical and cost-saving needs, then guides you to the best product to address those needs. 
  • Our extensive inventory allows for the shortest lead times in the industry. 
  • The products that leave our facility are tested to ensure they work the way you need them to upon arrival.

Our Work in Action

Universities are often operating on a large network sprawling across a sizeable area. But regardless of size, universities have many complex tasks to manage in their day-to-day operations. This includes providing natural gas throughout their campuses. With many students, faculty, and staff to consider, safety is always top of mind.

Holland Supply can be your trusted partner when it comes to operating your campus’s natural gas system design. We work with you to understand more about your situation, then we can recommend the regulators, meters, and instruments that will work best for you. We take safety just as seriously as you do, and we demonstrate this by testing our gas equipment. This way, you’ll be assured products work properly when they arrive.

Our offering of Smart Gas products also help make communication and data collection easier than ever. Technicians can collect readings without even leaving their vehicles with the Sensus FlexNet technology. They can also communicate with instruments via established cellular networks with Honeywell’s EC 350 or telemetry products.

Our knowledgeable team is here if you need guidance selecting products. We have experience with many different applications, so don’t hesitate to reach out.