We’re Your Trusted Partner

Making natural gas infrastructure safe and reliable is very complicated and very expensive. Most times, a deep technical understanding of gas products is needed in order to select the best solution to properly correct, protect, or enhance the existing and growing infrastructure. And no one wants to wait weeks or months to receive equipment they need immediately.

The Best Solution 

We offer a simple buying process that allows for easy product selection and speedy delivery to meet infrastructure safety and reliability needs. 

Why You Should Choose Holland

  • Our staff attends a minimum of 80 hours of core product training upon hire and receives 30 hours of product training every year. 
  • Our staff of experts seeks to fully understand your technical needs, then guide you to the best product to address those needs. Our extensive inventory also allows for the shortest lead times in the industry. 
  • The products that leave our facility are tested to ensure they work the way you need them to upon arrival.

Our Work in Action

We work with a variety of utilities in the natural gas space and can serve large and small and everything in-between. A natural gas utility provides a valuable service to their customers and are an important member of the natural gas industry at large. Because the service they offer is so critical, utilities’ customers depend on them to be accurate, reliable, and safe. We can provide the equipment needed to deliver on these objectives and to create a smart utility network. Regulators are a necessity, and we offer several different models from large capacity options like the Model 441 & Model 461 to the commercial-friendly Model 243. We also stock a wide variety of meters from diaphragm or ultrasonic to rotary or turbine. And don’t forget the instrumentation that complements the meter, or the accessories needed to complete an installation or repair a product. 

For utilities who value cost-saving and efficiency-creating technology, we also offer a range of Smart Gas products that simplify meter reading and cathodic protection compliance, as well as our HSC Cloud software that reduces compliance risk and improves safety.
Whether you know what you need or not, our knowledgeable team is here to help select, size, and guide you to the right equipment for your specific application.