Dresser IMC/W2 Micro Volume Corrector

The Dresser NGS Differential Pressure (DP) Micro Corrector, offers an integrated solution which monitors meter health by continuous measurement of the differential pressure drop across the meter. 

Differential pressure test information can be used to meet state Public Utility Commission (PUC) requirements and is available with the push of a button. No need to return to the meter set - The Micro Corrector DP retains the last valid average differential pressure measurement on the LCD of the corrector along with the date occurred. Increase operational efficiencies with reduced trips and reduced need for venting gas during periods of low consumption. 

The Dresser Micro Corrector, model IMCW2, is an integral corrector rated for Division 1 hazardous locations by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and ATEX. 

Remote Communications 
Save money by reducing the number of site visits, truck rolls and your carbon footprint with Dresser’s IMCW2 Micro Corrector. With the support of AUTOSOL’s ACM 8.0 and Itron’s MV-90, you can remotely monitor your meter’s health with real-time data delivery for a complete solution for offsite communications; ultimately saving you money every day. 

  • Monitors meter health 

  • Reduces unnecessary scheduled maintenance 

  • Aids in regulatory compliance of DP testing, where applicable 

  • Last valid DP measurement displayed on LCD and live data screen 

  • Real-time differential pressure measurement 

  • Compatible with Dresser Series A (LMMA), Series B, and Romet meters 

  • DP measurement is independent of volume correction 

  • dp + LOG units feature faults for high DP and meter lock-up