Flange Sets for Roots Meters

Our decades of experience and large inventory allow us to provide our customers with specialized products that they might not find anywhere else. Make installing your Dresser Roots gas meter a breeze with this specially made flange set. Whether your next setting design is a commercial or industrial application, these flange sets will get the job done. Our flange sets are made in-house, and our team is sure to take special care to include everything you could need for installing your new Dresser Roots meter. Each flange set includes two flange plates, bolts, a strainer, and a gasket. 

Our large stock allows you to create a custom kit that matches your application's unique specifications, various pipe sizes, and your Roots meter. The flanges come in many different sizes to suit your needs, starting from 2" x 1" and up to 4" x 4". We also have a wide selection of connection types and gasket types to choose from.