Honeywell ER 350 Pressure Recorder

Honeywell’s ER 350 electronic pressure recorders are intended to simplify and optimize pressure monitoring applications. This pressure recorder has expanded memory, advanced diagnostics, and integrated cellular communications. The ER 350 also reduces maintenance requirements and is intuitive and simple to use. 

The 350 series provides many operational advantages. These flexible devices have a common look and feel and utilize state-of-the-art technology such as a 4G modem. They also incorporate a highly accurate, plug-and-play digital pressure transducer and an enclosure optimized for serviceability. Featuring long-term stability and extended battery life, the ER 350 minimizes the need for site visits and simplifies field repairs.  

The ER 350 provides:

• Greater flexibility in gas pressure recording

• Intuitive operation for all pressure recording applications

• Versatile wall and pipe mount options

• Support CloudLink 4G Cellular Modem

• IR port allowing for easy configuration

• Advanced audit trail

• Robust diagnostics to reduce maintenance

• Extended 10-year lithium battery life

• Low ownership and operating costs

• Multiple audit trail loggers enabling fast and slow logging


• Wall or Pipe mount

• 1 or 2 pressures, new digital Plug and Play Pressure Transducer

• Logging rate down to 1 minute and sampling rate down to 1 second

• Fully mappable and configurable audit trail memory, including options for multiple audit trail logs (up to 5 different independent logs)

• Multi-line dynamic contrast (LCD display)

• Outputs: 4 opto-couplers (3 pulse + 1 alarm)

• RS232/485 communication port

• Optional cellular radio or landline modem

• Optional 4-20 mA (requires external loop power), additional RS232/485, Mux DI/ DO board

• IrDA configuration connection

• Honeywell MasterLink programming software

• Call-In over IP network to major systems using Invisiconnect software