Pietro Fiorentini Dival 600 Regulator

The Dival 600 series pressure regulators are direct acting devices for low and medium pressure applications that are controlled by a diaphragm and counter spring. These regulators are suitable for use with previously filtered non-corrosive gases. 

The modular design of the Dival 600 series allows for the addition of a slam shut or in-line monitor device in the same body without changing the face-to-face dimensions. The top-entry design allows for easy periodic maintenance without removing the body from the line. Its features make it suitable for many applications. 

The fast response time makes it ideal for burner or industrial applications, or whenever sudden changes of flow rate is part of the process. The high accuracy against any inlet pressure variation makes the Dival 600 series an optimum product for gas district systems. 

Easy maintenance and reduced part components lower operating expenses and labor.