Pietro Fiorentini Reflux 819 Regulator

The Reflux 819 is a pilot operated pressure regulator for medium- and high-pressure applications. It is particularly suitable for use for the controlling natural gas at power plants, transmission, distribution, as well as for industrial use. 

The Reflux regulators offer high outlet pressure accuracy of the regulated pressure, the 1,000 to 1 high turndown ratio, and balanced vale design that allows fast adaptation to changes in the operating conditions. Even with the presence of abrupt changes in the flow rate, makes the Reflux 819 particularly suitable for installations for Gas turbine electric power generation stations Gas Turbine applications. 

The Reflux 819 regulator, is classified as a regulator designed with the valve in the normally closed position (Fail to Close). It is truly a Top entry design, which confers to the regulator management advantages, for example the ability to perform full maintenance without removing the body from the piping.