Sensus Automation TC032 MicroRTU

The Sensus® Automation TC032 MicroRTU™ (TC032) is a cost-effective solution for operating switched capacitor banks. The TC032 offers connectivity options. It can communicate through our FlexNet® communication network via a two-way radio module, or it can communicate anywhere AT&T’s 4G/LTE with 3G fallback or Verizon’s 4G/LTE cellular networks are available. 

The TC032 easily integrates into your daily operations both in the field and in your office. You can monitor and control units from central Volt-Var applications or from utility SCADA systems through our SCADA-Xchange™ interface. Engineers, planners and field technicians can simultaneously check status and configure the TC032 using a FlexNet network through our AutomationControl™ software suite. 


  • Monitors and controls fixed or switched capacitor banks 

  • Interfaces with third-party SCADA platforms 

  • Checks status and configures capacitor banks 

  • Provides Volt-Var optimization