Sensus CommandLink Wireless Interface

The CommandLink® wireless interface provides access to a complete suite of functional controls within a gas, water or electric SmartPoint® transceiver. This Bluetooth®-enabled device, coupled with a hand-held reader or programmer, performs on-demand interrogation of the SmartPoint radio. This lets you control activation, programming and diagnostic settings. 

CommandLink provides instant access to any SmartPoint radio’s programmed and stored information. You can retrieve setup information, validate readings, and verify or reprogram settings for optimal performance. 

When communication with the SmartPoint is complete, CommandLink establishes communication with the tower gateway base station. It transmits all reading, setup, binding and alarm information directly to the database. Here, you can receive instant confirmation of any changes made at the SmartPoint. 


  • Interacts with SmartPoints for water, gas or electric 

  • Performs on-demand interrogation 

  • Retrieves and reprograms settings 

  • Transmits directly to base stations