Sensus Device Access Application

Resolve customer questions on the first call. Device Access is a customer service software tool that presents detailed information about utility meters and other devices serving customer accounts. Easy-to-use dashboards display information clearly so company representatives can quickly understand usage history and trends, identify anomalies or set custom alerts to track specific issues. Improve customer confidence and trust by providing quick, objective and consistent answers that satisfy customer inquiries. 

Delivered via a secure, cloud-based platform, Device Access is accessible on any device (PC, tablet, mobile phone, etc.). The application can collect data from a variety of systems to provide the information that your utility needs. 


  • Provides customer service with complete device information profile 

  • Presents usage trends and anomalies 

  • Sets custom alerts to track specific issues 

  • Reduces on-hold time or call-backs to resolve inquiries 

  • Builds customer confidence and trust