Sensus Distribution Automation

Intelligent devices are expanding throughout the grid infrastructure. So is the need for increased real-time monitoring and remote control. It stands to reason that your distribution systems will also become an increasingly important part of these changes. A well-designed Distribution Automation (DA) system will help you get the most value out of assets such as voltage regulators’ automated feeder switches, reclosers and capacitor banks.

The Sensus DA solution helps you reduce costs and enhance system reliability to minimize outages. It delivers cost-effective wireless communication and control solutions for a wide range of distribution automation and power reliability applications.

The Sensus DA solution features three main elements:

  • Intelligent communications and automation devices
  • A reliable low-latency network communications backbone
  • AutomationControl™ software for field device control and network management

For communications, customers can use cellular networks or the Sensus FlexNet® communication network. Collectively, the DA elements and networks provide a powerful solution. They combine real-time monitoring and control of distribution assets, users and communications. This includes applications such as:

  • Recloser controller communications
  • Capacitor bank controllers
  • Automated line switches
  • Industrial and commercial load management
  • Substation automation
  • Fault circuit indicators (FCIs) and current sensor monitoring
  • Line voltage monitoring
  • Power reliability monitoring

Distribution automation applications operate on a dedicated channel over the very same network as other metering, demand response, data analytics and lighting applications. This means you can rely on a convenient, single technology solution for all your applications.

From substation to meter, the Sensus DA technology integrates seamlessly with existing distribution systems and ensures reliable and real-time, two-way communication. It works with legacy systems, industry standard network protocols and new technologies.

Benefits to you

  • Enables remote monitoring and control for distribution and sub-transmission assets
  • Integrates hardware, software and communications networks, both FlexNet and cellular, along with 24/7 network management services
  • Works with legacy systems, industry standard network protocols and both old and new distribution automation technologies

Benefits to your customers

  • Reduces intermittent outages
  • Builds a more resilient and reliable grid