Sensus M400D FlexNet Base Station

The M400D FlexNet® base station offers a strategic network communications option for smart grid deployments with high volume, diverse traffic requirements. By providing dual M400 transceivers, a single base station can simultaneously support communications for both AMI meter reading systems and high value applications such as distribution automation (DA), demand response (DR), home area network (HAN) and smart lighting control while transmitting and receiving in a 200 kHz band of spectrum. This bandwidth enables more dedicated channels and higher network traffic capacity, allowing the M400D to take full advantage of the FlexNet communication network and its primary-use licensed spectrum that delivers eight times the transmit power of competitive smart grid communication systems. 

Scalability and Performance 
With both single and dual transceiver options, the M400D provides unparalleled scaling opportunities to meet the performance demands of smart grid applications far into the future. When configured with two transceivers, up to 32 receivers and two transmitters may be supported, with each transceiver dedicated to an individual smart grid application. 

Features and Configurations 
The M400D offers a drop-in replacement for the S100 transceiver shelf (size 3U): 

  • Single and dual transceiver shelves available 

  • Indoor and outdoor cabinets available 

  • System alarm monitoring 

  • Next generation encryption 

  • DA, DR, HAN and lighting application support 

Sensus’ smallest dual transceiver base station, the M400D provides flexible indoor, pole or pad-mounting options that enable strategic deployment, a discreet appearance and low-cost installation. The modular transceiver shelf allows for rapid and flexible upgrade paths to fit a variety of dual-application needs. 

M400D models are available for a variety of our solutions, including: 

  • Demand Response 

  • Distribution Automation 

  • Advanced Metering Infrastructure 

  • VantagePoint™ Lighting Control 

  • Micro Grid 

  • Grid Edge 


  • Delivers optimal base station performance over licensed primary-use radio spectrum 

  • Reduces operations and maintenance costs via fewer access points and backhaul connections 

  • 200 kHz enables more dedicated channels, resulting in higher network capacity and allowing for more granular data and data channels 

  • Delivers double the transmit power of competitive systems over primary-use licensed spectrum–ensuring reliability for mission critical applications 

  • Provides real-time data during outages and emergencies via resilient network design 

  • Enables strategic deployments via small footprint requirements 

  • Provides certified infrastructure security against cyber threats (GE/Wurldtech™ Achilles® communications security certification)