Sensus Smart Gateway Sensor Interface

You need timely data to make critical and prompt decisions for your community. With a battery-powered Sensus® Smart Gateway Sensor Interface, gas utilities can connect to a variety of applications in all locations—even in areas where no power or land-based communications are available. 

Leveraging the FlexNet® communication network, you can use the interface application to remotely monitor pressures, temperatures, levels and switches. You can also quickly resolve issues by transmitting and forwarding alarms to utility systems or individuals. What’s more, you can analyze the data you’ve stored over time to develop new insights into your operating conditions. 

The sensor interface is flexible. It features two 4-20ma analog inputs and two discrete inputs, making it ideal for a number of possible applications. This cost-effective device gives you the power to gather information previously too difficult to capture. 


  • Improves operational performance of your system 

  • Enables proactive and preventative maintenance 

  • Enables quick resolution of equipment failures 

  • Decreases the need to deploy field crews 

  • Maximizes your return on investment 

  • Supplements the existing SCADA system 

  • Leverages the existing FlexNet network 

  • No additional power line infrastructure is necessary 

  • Prevents theft and tampering and improves safety by communicating user-configured alarms 

  • Facilitates flexible and scalable installation through your system, including remote locations 

  • Cost-effectively captures and saves extensive data