Sensus Turbo Meters

The Sensus T-10 are straight-through (wafer-style) turbo meters designed for high-pressure applications. Both the 2″ and the 3″ meters are made with cast steel bodies and interchangeable modules. Like other Sensus turbo meters, the T-10 is an axial flow type in which the entire gas stream passes through the rotor. 

These meters were developed to offer greater accuracy in gas production and transmission measurement. Their compact and rugged design, coupled with direct digital readouts, provide reliable field measurement data. 

These meters are suitable for numerous applications: 

  • Direct measurement on well heads 

  • Town border stations 

  • Industrial meter sets 

  • Test meters for establishing gas-to-oil ratios 

  • Custody transfer 

  • Gas let off production separators 

  • Test separators 

  • Check meters 

  • Compressor fuel gas measurement 


  • Provides increased accuracy 

  • Installs easily 

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