Sensus SmartPoint® GM Industrial Transceiver

The SmartPoint® GM transceiver for industrial applications connects gas utilities with your large industrial customers. With this transceiver, you can harness the power of two-way transmission for consistent meter readings, with detail down to hourly increments. 

SmartPoint transceivers can be installed as walk-by, drive-by or fixed-base communication endpoints and are easily reconfigured for optimal operational efficiency. The high-power, three-port SmartPoint GM is compatible with Form A pulse output devices, delivering reliable reporting of corrected and uncorrected readings and alarm conditions. Automated, regular readings provide insight into consumption patterns, so they enable you to improve customer satisfaction, to market higher-value services and to develop new revenue streams. 

Collecting detailed usage data used to require physical access to restricted, remote or busy industrial locations. Not anymore. With SmartPoint transceivers, you minimize employee exposure to hazardous industrial conditions. 


  • Delivers consistent meter readings, with detail down to hourly increments 

  • Creates new revenue opportunities with large industrial customers 

  • Provides insight into consumption patterns 

  • Preserves your investment in existing meters, indexes and piping 

  • Reduces operational costs via remote reading and transceiver updates