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Performing regular maintenance and checking in on your equipment are key to ensure the health of your infrastructure. This allows you to get ahead of any issues and take proactive action to avoid potentially dangerous situations. One important task needed to check on your system is performing a lock-up test on a gas regulator. There are several instances where a lock-up test would need to be done. For example, this test may be necessary before performing further service or for regulatory purposes. When the time comes to conduct this test on your regulators, we’re here to help you be prepared.

In this educational YouTube video, our warehouse supervisor will walk you through the process of conducting a lock-up test step-by-step using a Model 461-57S regulator. We hope you’ll find this video helpful and be sure to bookmark the video so you can revisit it when the time comes to conduct a lock-up test yourself. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel, so you don’t miss any of our videos!