What We Believe In

All of us at Holland Supply Company feel it’s incredibly important that we can count on one another. For that reason, as a baseline requirement people only work here if they D.A.R.E. to be great. And by D.A.R.E. we mean each team member must be Dependable, Accountable, Responsible, and Ethical. Anything short of this isn’t acceptable and people who can’t live this way won’t last on our team. On the other hand, people who do live this way will love working with us since they’ll be surrounded by folks they can rely on day-in and day-out.

We’ve also distilled the most important behaviors for us to live by into company values. These values guide our daily actions and drive us toward constantly improving as an organization and delighting our customers. These are our company values: 


Satisfy wants and needs – We serve customer’s wants and needs while maintaining safety standards.

  • Customers want their products ASAP, but before we send them out the door, we’ll make sure they’re serviceable and meet your technical specifications, that way they operate safely.

Advise as if your own – We put ourselves in the customer’s shoes and act as if their situation was ours.

  • If you’re requesting a repair on a piece of equipment, we’ll do an end-to-end inspection and cost estimate. This really comes down to what you’re paying to extend the life of the product so we will make that assessment and compare it to purchasing a replacement product, then explain each option so you can decide how your dollars will go the furthest.

Facilitate a win-win – We find a way to make it work for both the customer and Holland.

  • As an example, customers often ask us to provide field service and while we’re willing to do this, there are often more economical solutions like providing you with a user-friendly procedure that allows you to solve the problem yourself without paying for us to come on-site. 

Exceed expectations when possible – Our employees are empowered to exceed expectations, whether their own, management’s, or the customer’s.

  • We plan to remain a dominant player in our industry, and we don’t think that happens if there’s a one-way communication line between management and the team. For that reason, we encourage our employees to experiment with their ideas for improvement and speak up when they see an opportunity to better serve customers.