Sensus 122 Regulator

The Sensus 121 and 122 regulators are industrial combustion regulators. They can help achieve greater capacity, higher inlet pressure, more accurate performance and a faster response for higher volume commercial and industrial applications. 

These regulators provide an unbeatable combination of capacity, performance, and economy. In most applications, their design allows you to use a smaller regulator for primary control or monitoring, or both. 

Both the 121 and 122 are highly functional regulators that feature die-cast diaphragm cases and cast iron bodies. This makes them strong and corrosion resistant. Both models incorporate soft-seat valve material, plus a precision-machined “knife edge” orifice for a positive, tight shutoff. 

This family of regulators includes models for: 

  • Standard regulators 

  • Zero governor or atmospheric regulators 

  • Differential regulators 

  • Back pressure regulators (or relief valves) 

  • Vacuum regulators 

  • Vacuum breakers 

They can be used in a variety of commercial and industrial applications including burners, boilers, furnaces, air heaters and kilns. These regulators also work well for gas engines where fast response improves overall performance. 


  • Allows above-ground or vault installation 

  • Provides for pilot-operated, pressure-loaded and V-port options 

  • Serves high-capacity installations 

  • Allows high inlet pressures 

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