Sensus Customer Portal Software

More and more, public service providers are realizing the benefits of analytics. Beyond nice-to-know, analytic insights help you make critical decisions and run the business more efficiently. Now you can put the power of data directly in the hands of your customers. 

Customer Portal uses the Sensus Analytics platform to present consumer usage data—be it water, gas or electric—in a clear, easy-to-read dashboard. The portal is web based, so customers can access it at their convenience—anytime (24x7x365) and anywhere (from desktop, tablet or smartphone). Give your customers the information they need to better manage their consumption and even alert them to potential issues. 

Customer Portal is the easy way to open a new communication channel between you and your customers, boosting overall engagement and satisfaction. It's easy to set up and maintain.

The Customer Portal was built as a ready-made service for utilities. Upload your logo and contact information and we handle the rest. This interactive application provides easy-to-read usage charts, graphs, billing estimates, tips and more, right out of the box. The Customer Portal provides virtually everything a customer needs to correct current issues and make more informed decisions about future usage. 

You can customize the interface to highlight important information and your customers can access the portal any time they need it. When you put this data at their fingertips, you can reduce call volumes and provide greater customer control over energy use. Your staff can view the same screens your customer sees, making it easier to understand and answer questions, or explain changes. And when people gain awareness and control, they not only reduce usage and lower expenses, they become happier customers. 


  • Decreases routine customer support calls 

  • Reduces energy waste 

  • Improves billing and usage relationship—reduces high bill complaints 

  • Enhances customer satisfaction 

  • Offers an effective tool during conservation initiatives 

  • Shortens time to identify and fix a problem 

  • Reduces lost revenue 

  • Promotes online and paperless billing services 

Benefits to your customer 

  • Greater understanding of usage and costs through real-time monitoring and alerts 

  • View peer comparisons to better gauge normal usage 

  • Remotely monitor rental and vacation properties 

  • Modify usage to save money 

  • Set custom alerts and avoid billing surprises 

  • View and export usage and trends on a daily, weekly, yearly and billing cycle basis