Sensus FieldLogic Software Suite

The FieldLogic™ Software Suite simplifies programming and reading end points for field personnel, so they can be more productive. The suite consists of FieldLogic Hub and two FieldLogic Tools applications: FieldLogic Connect and FieldLogic Read. 

FieldLogic Hub is a PC-based application that manages hand-held devices used for programming or reading FlexNet or RadioRead end points. The Hub tool loads utility-defined information packages that control hand-held functionality and reduce the time required for field personnel to perform tasks. This tool also helps you manage reading routes and load them onto hand-held devices. After collecting readings, Hub exports information to your billing system. 

FieldLogic Tools: 

  • FieldLogic Connect is an application that communicates with and programs end points. It uses preconfigured settings to simplify installation and eliminate guesswork so installers can work faster with fewer errors. On-board route management files capture end point details to ensure data integrity. The Connect tool can also deactivate devices and troubleshoot end points and meters. 

  • FieldLogic Read software collects meter reading data from end points and alerts field personnel when alarms need investigation. The Read tool supports multiple communications protocols. By simultaneously reading FlexNet and RadioRead technologies, field personnel don’t need to carry multiple devices. 


  • Requires fewer hand-held devices 

  • Simplifies the installation process 

  • Improves speed of installation procedures 

  • Simultaneous RadioRead and SmartPoint device reading 

  • Improves business process integration with a work order tool interface