Sensus FlexNet EasyLink Reader

The FlexNet EasyLink™ Reader is a portable, radio-based device used to acquire data from utility meters that utilize Sensus SmartPoint® modules and/or Itron ERT radios. The Reader is compact and portable, allowing it to be used in any vehicle providing 12-volt DC power. 

FlexNet and Itron Compatibility 
The Reader provides the ability to read SmartPoint modules for gas meters along with Itron (SCM) Standard Consumption Messages and SCM+ technology used by ERTs. By combining these two technologies, the utility can utilize their existing ERTs while transitioning to FlexNet. 

Keep your ERTs and upgrade to SmartPoint modules as necessary—it’s the best of both worlds. 

Ease of Operation 
To operate the Reader, simply place the unit in a vehicle and drive the assigned route. Data is collected automatically. 

Multiple read modes are available depending on the type of devices in operation. The Reader is capable of capturing data in either bubble-up or interrogation mode and offers configurable alarms. 

Advanced design results in a portable enclosure about the size of a small briefcase. With the addition of the portable computer, connecting cable and antennas, the complete FlexNet EasyLink Mobile Communications solution can be set up within minutes. Any vehicle can become a meter-reading machine. 

System Reliability 
The FlexNet® communications network utilizes primary-use radio frequencies to communicate with SmartPoint modules. The combination of FCC-protected frequencies and a full two watts transmission power of the SmartPoint modules ensure reliable meter communication and longer range. In addition, the SmartPoint and ERT modules provide infrastructure detail by monitoring operating conditions and reporting meter tamper, continuous flow and low battery alarms. 

User-Friendly Software 
The Reader utilizes the FlexNet EasyLink™ Workbook Application which provides a convenient, user-friendly, pull-down menu system for meter reading. The mapping feature enables further efficiency by customizing the meter reader view for relevant process information. 



  • User-focused hardware works with software to provide tremendous meter-reading efficiency 

  • Dual-reading capability allows for easy transition to a fixed-based platform 

  • Upgradable to Work Order Management Suite