Sensus FlexNet EasyLink WorkSpace Application

The FlexNet EasyLink™ WorkSpace application is a comprehensive software program that offers flexibility for managing Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) processes. The application increases operating efficiency, provides a variety of management reports and summaries, and reduces time for sending reading data to the billing software. A flexible menu-driven system includes a wide selection of user specifications, options and configurations. These features make WorkSpace highly adaptable in meeting your specific requirements. 

Complete AMR Software Integration 
The modular design of WorkSpace lets your utility integrate Sensus SmartPoint® modules and Itron ERT meter-reading solutions into one specially designed software package. This flexibility enables operation of a single-meter reading system. Utilities can begin with one system and migrate to another by simply adding modules to their existing AMR solution. The migration path provides the opportunity for increased operational efficiency while minimizing training needs. 

WorkSpace is completely customizable for your utility operation. The software can be interfaced with other PC-based automated billing and accounting systems or existing mainframe billing and accounting systems. Integration with billing software platforms can be completed with minimal interruption. 

Route Information Transfer 
Easily prepare route information for the meter reader to successfully complete readings. New or inexperienced meter readers are guided through an entire route by following information on screen. Meter readers can be alerted to abnormally high or low readings and misreads by setting parameters in the application. When using the Wi-Fi or cellular option, the application can provide real-time updates to the meter reader in the field. In addition, this application also allows up-to-the-minute data transfer from the FlexNet EasyLink™ Reader to the FlexNet EasyLink™ WorkBook Application. 

Meter Reading Data Transfers 
Manually moving meter reading data is accomplished by electronically transferring the data captured during the meter reading process. Once the data is transferred from WorkBook, WorkSpace processes the data and prepares it for upload to the billing software. WorkSpace can be used with a utility’s existing billing software platform or as part of a new standalone system. 

Server Application 
Your utility is provided with three years of stored data. This gives easy access to data for reporting and any billing disputes. The server application also allows for automatic back-up of data. 

Management Reporting 
WorkSpace is a valuable management tool for increasing meter reader capabilities. It enables the utility to generate a variety of helpful management reports, which provide a documented overview of meter reading activities, manpower efficiency and service problems. Time-stamped meter reads produce both statistical and specific reports on time elapsed between reads as well as the date and time of the read. This information allows more flexibility in comparing meter-reading efficiency, establishing or reorganizing routes and assigning meter readers to routes matched to their performance levels. 

Additional management reports include: 

  • High / Low Exception 

  • Zero Consumption 

  • Unread Meters by Cycle 

Report information can be organized by: 

  • Account Number 

  • Meter ID Number 

  • Sequentially (in the order of other meters) 

  • Other options as desired by the utility