Sensus Sonix 600 & 880 Meters

Using digital ultrasonic technology, the Sonix® ultrasonic meters are designed with no moving parts, virtually eliminating the cost of repairs. These meters retain their calibration. They also provide alerts for tampering and for malfunctions. Their compact design affords flexible installation options.

The electronic platform allows you to include automatic meter reading more cost effectively and to upgrade the meter with the latest options while it is still in service.

For remote data collection and storage, Sonix meters feature a pulse output option. The two-wire pulse output enables them to send data to any Form A pulse accumulation hardware. The combination of Sonix meters and remote data collection devices provide a sound solution for today’s growing need for measurement accuracy and lowest total cost of ownership.


  • Provides highly accurate measurement and reliability
  • Increases functionality while using significantly less material
  • Performs more efficiently
  • Increases savings with reduced installation and labor costs

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