Sensus Sonix IQ Meter

Sonix IQ combines the sustained accuracy of ultrasonic technology with integrated two-way FlexNet® communications and remote capabilities to give utilities better insight into and control over their gas distribution systems. 

It is the first commercially-available residential ultrasonic meter to meet rigorous North American standards – the result of Sensus’ 25 years of ultrasonic meter design and production experience. It has no moving measurement parts to wear out over time, delivering pinpoint accuracy over the life of the meter. It boasts advanced features, including pressure monitoring, meter health diagnostics and remote shut-off. All of this contained within a smaller, lighter meter that is half the size and weight of a mechanical meter plus radio at a comparable cost. 


Compact, durable design 

  • Smaller footprint fits anywhere 

  • Lighter meter is easier to install and reduces shipping and storage costs 

  • Solid-state construction, integrated comms module and 20-year battery reduce ops costs 


  • Continuous meter health checks with alerts improve customer service and asset management 

  • Supports third party radios for easy integration with existing networks 


  • Provides two-way communications when used with a Sensus FlexNet® communication network 

  • Enables remote configuration and shut-off, reducing truck rolls 

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