Sensus SmartPoint® GM Commercial Transceiver

Our SmartPoint® GM Commercial transceiver connects gas utilities with their customers, harnessing the power of two-way transmission to provide consistent meter readings, right down to hourly details. Automated, regular readings provide insight into consumption patterns. With this level of information, you can improve customer satisfaction, market higher-value services and develop new revenue streams. 

SmartPoint GM transceivers are easily migrated. The communication platform you install today, whether walk-by, drive-by or fixed-base, can grow and change seamlessly as your business needs change. And when it’s time to upgrade, you won’t have to visit or replace the end point. 

Sensus’ high-power transceivers fit popular commercial diaphragm meters and require far less infrastructure than other systems. That translates into more information, more often, for your customers. The transceiver is easily reconfigured to help you optimize operational efficiency. 


  • Delivers consistent meter readings, down to hourly details 

  • Preserves your investment in existing meters, indexes and piping 

  • Provides insight into consumption patterns 

  • Enables easy migration from walk-by/drive-by to fixed-base solutions 

  • Creates new revenue opportunities with small business customers