USG Model 461-57S Regulator

The USG Model 461-57S medium pressure regulators are spring-operated models that incorporate a “roll-out” diaphragm, similar to the performance found in pilot-operated regulators. 

The action of the roll-out diaphragm reduces “droop,” which is the fall off in outlet pressure as a spring regulator opens to increase flow. This makes the regulators’ exceptional performance possible. By offering near-pilot-operated regulator performance without a pilot, the 57S-series  offers simplicity, dependability, and exceptionally fast response. 

Both models are perfect for most intermediate and large-capacity applications: 

  • Gas distribution systems 

  • District regulator sets 

  • City gate stations 

  • Town border stations 

  • Monitoring 

  • A wide variety of industrial applications. 

These workhorses of the industry have been recognized for their dependable service for nearly 70 years. 


  • Monitors set-point pressure 

  • Responds quickly to take control in case of emergency