Dresser D800 & D1000 Meters

Discover the legacy of superior long-term rotary meter performance in a compact oil-free design. 

This meter from Dresser incorporates field-proven rotary meter technology in a compact, full-feature housing for commercial applications. The Dresser D800 and D1000 meters offer improved natural gas measurement accuracy and lower cost of ownership over commercial diaphragm meters. 

Superior Meter Accuracy 

Building upon the sustained long-term accuracy of Dresser metering products, the Dresser D800 and D1000 meters set a new standard in rotary meter performance. With an exceptional average start rate of only 0.30 ACFH (stop rate of 0.15 ACFH) and a rapid ramp up to +/- 1% accuracy at only 8 ACFH, the D800 and D1000 provide a sustained, nonadjustable measurement accuracy from pilot loads up to 1700 ACFH. 

Reduced Size and Weight for Ease of Installation and Handling  

Designed for convenience and weighing only 24 pounds, the D800 and D1000 meters mount directly to existing Class 800 and Class 1000 diaphragm meter sets using common connection sizes. Additionally, the 50% reduction in weight and 70% reduction in size allows for easier and safer handling whether in the shop, traveling to the job site, or actually installing the meter. Benefits are also derived from the reduced shipping size/weight and warehousing space. 

Full Feature Electronic Index 

The D800/D1000 electronic index enables users to customize the odometer display. Powered by a lithium thionyl chloride battery pack, the index also provides two scalable pulse output signals, a fault output signal and 150 days of hourly logs. Fixed factor pressure correction is also a user selectable feature. 

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