Dresser Roots 38M Meter

The Dresser Series B3 meter is a positive displacement, rotary type gas meter designed for continuous and accurate gas measurement. Dresser meters are suitable for handling most types of clean, dry, common gases at either constant or varying flow rates.  

Full Range of Sizes 
Dresser offers a competitive range of 13 sizes of rotary meters for commercial and industrial metering applications, allowing for the selection of the correct meter size for cost effectiveness and accurate measurement. 

38M175 size meters have a 18" Flange to Flange dimension and 6" ANSI 150 Flanged Connections in the meter set design. 

Accurate Low Flow Performance 
Low start/stop rates extend the rangeability (gas measured) over a wider range of flow conditions. Low pressure differentials reducing the maximum operating speed provides lower pressure differentials for low pressure applications, as well as extending the meter’s life-expectancy. 

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